Other Services:

Don't need a custom item but just need a freelance designer or artist? Below are a few things I can also help you with. 


  • Hems on dresses, skirts, shirts, sleeves: $15+ varies based on complexity of garment & time
  • Sewing (anything else aside from hems): $30/hr
  • Patternmaking: $50 for max 10 pattern pieces - $5 for every additional pattern piece 
  • Computer Flats: $25 per sketch
  • Fashion Illustration (hand done): $100 per sketch
  • Computer Prints with full repeat: $30/hr


  • Hand drawn -  portraits: $100+ per portrait. All other drawings minimum $50+ per design. (prices subject to increase based on complexity of work)
  • Digital artwork (done on iPad non printed, jpeg, png, pdf etc.): $15 per design
  • Digital artwork print 8x10": $25
  • Digital artwork canvas print: $TBD 
  • Canvas paintings: Priced based on cost of materials, time & effort, and complexity of work. Email,or DM on instagram for inquiries.