Talisa Almonte

Scratch $$$

From Scratch: $300+

You read that correctly folks, together we can design a completely new garment from a quick black and white sketch on paper to an actual garment you'll be able to rock the hell out of from day to night. You'll be completely involved in the design process from start to finish.  


How It Works


Book A Date

Lets meet and make a plan. It will be intense, but we will cover everything from timing, to the style of jacket and fabrication, as well as, the hardware and finishing details.


Schedule A Fitting

From the paper patterns to fabric patterns, we will need to make sure it fits! We will meet at least twice in between the planning and pick up stages to make sure the initial sketch is translating into your perfect jacket. 


Plan A Pickup

Once your creation is finished, we can plan a pickup date. We can meet over coffee or cocktails, take a few pictures of you in your new jacket, and celebrate your new favorite outerwear piece!


Featured Custom Jackets

Talisa_Jacket - 24_edited.jpg

Leather Jacket

Made from lambskin

Talisa_Jacket - 102.jpg

Wool Jacket

Made with wool and lambskin accents