Talisa Almonte

Pet Portraits

custom pet portraits: $100+

We all know what a pet can mean in a person and family’s life, so what better way to cherish your pet, commemorate them, gift it to a friend, or use for commercial decorations; I’m looking at your veterinary practices, pet rescues and pet day cares. You’ll be completely involved in the process of creating your one of kind pet portrait from start to finish.

How It Works


choose your size:

horizontal, square or digital file +

numeric value of the size you want ie:

5 by 7” or 8 by 10 etc.


choose your style:

Paper print, canvas print or digital


Provide imagery:

Multiple image references of your pet and we will decide the best choices together.


still unsure what to choose? Here’s some help

Canvas Prints: options

Sizing Breakdown:

01.) Height

02.) Width

03.) Depth: this stays the same at 3/4” thick

Most popular size is 16” by 20” portrait style costing out at around $250 including shipping. Please note price increases as sizes get bigger.




pet portrait guidelines-02.png


pet portrait guidelines-03.png

Paper Prints: options

Sizing Breakdown:

01.) Height

02.) Width

All prints have 1 inch white border for easy framing. When choosing the size note that it will always be about 2 inches bigger all around with the border.

Most popular size is 8 by 10” costing out around $120 including standard shipping. Price increases based on size selected and shipping method.


pet portrait guidelines-04.png


pet portrait guidelines-05.png


pet portrait guidelines-06.png

Digital print:

The simplest of the 3 customization options. This means exactly what it sounds like, I would draw your custom pet portrait on my ipad as I do with all the digital portraits but you’d solely be paying for the digital jpeg file of your pet.

This is the base price of $100

Same sizing applies as it can be any size you’d like. This gives you the freedom of printing it out however you please or if you’d like to just have a high res version of your pet for digital purposes.


Still interested?