Frequently Asked Questions

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How many fittings?

Two fittings: (from scratch) First fitting: will be the first official fitting with the first prototype of your garment (not in selected fabric). Second fitting: final fitting in selected fabric (closer to your finished custom piece). 


Where does the fabric come from? Do I pick it for you?

All fabric comes from various resources throughout New York City as well as, a fabric supplier in Pennsylvania. We can work together to select your fabric unless you already have existing fabric you'd like to use. 


How long until I receive my custom design?

From scratch: The time frame varies on the complexity of the final design as well as, the sourcing of materials chosen. 



How Many fittings?

Two fittings: First fitting: marking the adjustments needed to customize your existing piece. Second fitting: reassuring the adjustments that were previously made, are making your newly renovated piece perfect!


How long until I receive my upcycled design?

Time frame also varies on the complexity of design details and added trims, but it will always be a shorter time frame than starting from scratch. 


Does upcycling mean I want fit adjustments to an existing garment? or can you just add trims?

Upcycling means anything you want done onto a garment you already own. Anything from adding zippers, studs and trims or even hand painting a design onto the fabric (works best with a smooth surface like leather or denim)