Hi, I'm Talisa

But some may know me as Miami, Un Tali, T, Talisman and Tali... even Starbucks will give me a different nickname depending on which barista I get. The point is, I wear as many hats (if only you could see my collection) as I do nicknames. Despite my many names, one thing has stayed true and everyone sees it right away- I love to create. My biggest passion is creating unique pieces to fit anyone's style- even people with as many looks as I have nicknames. Although, I currently reside in what some call "the concrete jungle" (NYC), I've always been a laid back beach gal at heart. With that being said, color, style lines and prints are at the core of my design aesthetic. 


The Mission:

I believe everyone deserves to showcase their individuality, which is why I chose to use my skills to create custom outerwear and one of kind items that you won't find anyone else wearing. Although there's nothing wrong with going to a store and buying a jacket, there's something special about knowing you'll be wearing a one of kind, handmade piece that encompasses YOUR personal style.


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