Talisa Almonte


Fragmented Collection

Got paired with the photographer Osha Waiters who interviewed me to talk about my process when creating the Fragmented Collection. Below is the video of the interview. 

Interview with Osha Waiters: Behind Fragmented Process


For this mini series, I was really inspired by the idea of fragmentation and how with fashion, it takes different pieces to create the final piece. I'm always very drawn to prints and textures which is why I chose to mix different prints and fabrics that to most, might seem strange to pair together. In this collection there's a mix of white silk chiffon, light gray wool suiting, black stretch twill, black tonal printed wool suiting, gray and white vinyl (which fun fact: was used by Marc Jacobs for a bag, at least that's what they told me at Mood when I bought it), and my favorite, the jacquard floral print. 

Blazer, T-shirt, skirt

(fun fact: this made it to the FIT senior fashion show, as well as WWD. Not to mention I won't the Critic Award for this bad boy. Special thanks to Brandon Sun for choosing me.)

Button Up, Twill Pant and Vinyl/Wool Vest

and special shoutout to my awesome models and photographer @sunitav_ and @oshawaiters