Talisa Almonte


Two AM Series 2

Two AM is a small upcoming fashion brand my friend Nicole and I started together. (check out our site here: www.twoamcreates.com) We wanted to create a brand that catered to individuality and creativity. We'll never make more than a few pieces each series with a certain amount of materials each time. Not to mention I created all the patterns, designed the styles and sewed it all together (every single piece). But none of this could have been done without the help of my trusted,awesome motivator and partner in art crime, Nicole who designed our entire website (including my own) and carefully thought out and designed our packaging, stickers and our soon to come business cards. check out her work here (www.nicolemcnaught.com)

Series 2: button ups for our guys and lace up dresses, crop tops and denim skirts for our gals

Crop Tops & Denim Skirts

Denim Lace Up Dresses

Short Sleeve Button Ups