gal behind the art

Although my name is Talisa, some may know me as Miami, Un Tali, Talisman and Tali....  Starbucks will give me a different nickname depending on which barista I get. The point is, I wear as many hats (if only you could see my collection, because you try wearing a hat with this much hair on your head.) as I do nicknames. Despite my many names, one thing has stayed true and everyone sees it right away- I love to create. Whether that’s through commissioned artwork or collaborative tattoo designs, my biggest passion has always been drawing and painting. Nothing brings me more joy than creating unique, one of a kind art that brings joy to people. Although, I currently reside in what some call "the concrete jungle" (NYC), but I’ll always be a laid back beach gal at heart.


The Back Story:

Grew up in Miami and graduated from Design & Architecture Senior High where I studied fashion design and fine arts. Interned and became a jeweler at a little boutique in the design district while in high school. Moved to NYC and graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology where I majored in fashion design and was one class away from an art history minor (but design finals are no joke). Worked at VS Pink as a surface designer (this means I handled graphic techniques, color and placement for the apparel) and now work as a women’s concept designer at Gap. All this while freelancing for WGSN as a racer (color tagging, cropping and keyword tagging images). Not to mention my side hustle of pet portraits, fueling my constant need to paint something and working on learning how to be a tattoo artist while creating my tattoo drawing portfolio.

If you couldn’t tell from my blabbing above, I stay pretty busy, But I like to think I manage my time pretty well. I’m constantly pushing myself to stay curious and try new things because that’s what makes life the interesting journey that it is and I’m here to ride that wave of creativity. (insert surf emoji here)