Hi, I'm Talisa

And I believe everyone deserves to showcase their individuality, whether that's through displaying art in our special spaces or through clothes we choose to wear. This is why I create custom & one of kind pieces. Because we weren't made to be the same. 

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Some may know me as Miami, Un Tali, Talisman and Tali.... 

even Starbucks will give me a different nickname depending on which barista I get. The point is, I wear as many hats (if only you could see my collection) as I do nicknames. Despite my many names, one thing has stayed true and everyone sees it right away- I love to create. My biggest passion is creating unique pieces to fit anyone's style- even people with as many looks as I have nicknames. Although, I currently reside in what some call "the concrete jungle" (NYC), I've always been a laid back beach gal at heart. With that being said, color, style lines and prints are at the core of my design aesthetic. 


But first.... here's my latest work. 


Me with my artwork setup at the Brooklyn Bazaar. 

Raw Artists Brooklyn Showcase

Was lucky enough to be asked to showcase my art alongside so many other talented creatives on March 28th 2018 at the Brooklyn Bazaar. These are the paintings I showcased and sold with various art print designs I did on my iPad using procreate. You can check out all the artwork under Sea Goddess

special thanks to those that came out to see the show in person, as well as, everyone that bought a ticket and supported my art. 


Calamity Chang "The Asian Sexsation" as Medieval Executioner in metal & doom

The executioner - custom costume

Choker, bodysuit, hood and jacket 

Met the amazing burlesque dancer Calamity Chang who was looking for something badass to debut her newest act "The Executioner" We worked closely together from fittings, shopping for trims and sketching out the idea together. Completely hand made right down to screwing in every spike on her costume. So happy with the way the costume turned out and it was amazing seeing it come together in her act. Here's a video of her performance at the New York Burlesque Festival 2017. 

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Here are 2 ways we can create together:


Way 1: From Scratch

From scratch. That's right, from scratch. We will work together to make a completely 100% custom jacket. You will get to pick everything from the material to the zipper.

Way 2: Upcycle

Upcycle. If you don't know what that means, its okay. We will basically take an existing jacket that's been sitting in your closet or that you just found at a thrift store, and make it yours. We can take it in, add new finishings, and the list goes on.


Ready to create something together? Awesome, lets take the next step!


Other Services:

Don't need a custom item but just need a freelance designer or artist? Below are a few things I can also help you with. 


  • Hems on dresses, skirts, shirts, sleeves: $15+ varies based on complexity of garment & time
  • Sewing (anything else aside from hems): $30/hr
  • Patternmaking: $50 for max 10 pattern pieces - $5 for every additional pattern piece 
  • Computer Flats: $25 per sketch
  • Fashion Illustration (hand done): $100 per sketch
  • Computer Prints with full repeat: $30/hr


  • Hand drawn -  portraits: $100+ per portrait. All other drawings minimum $50+ per design. (prices subject to increase based on complexity of work)
  • Digital artwork (done on iPad non printed, jpeg, png, pdf etc.): $15 per design
  • Digital artwork print 8x10": $25
  • Digital artwork canvas print: $TBD 
  • Canvas paintings: Priced based on cost of materials, time & effort, and complexity of work. Email,or DM on instagram for inquiries. 
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